Material flows and processes in industrial production – logistics

The monograph describes the material flow, which in its essence is the realization of
a chain, where the consistent application of the material flow logistics manifests itself, in the
application of methods and tools of technical and economical optimization in the control of
material flow movement. Material movement from a logistics point of view is a causal
phenomenon that results from the interaction of active and passive logistics elements, their
design and management system. The success of engineering activities, with on-going
automation and robotization within Industry 4.0, in designing, designing, technologically
preparing production, producing and selling a product without logistic approaches, is unlikely
in current competition. The individual chapters contain basic definitions of material flows and
logistics, principles of system design of material flows, description of active and passive logistic
elements and principles of material flow management. In the final chapters, the authors present
the results of their own scientific research and formulate their own conclusions and
recommendations for practice.
The monograph is intended for the broad scientific community as well as academics and
researchers of technical universities.




Ing. Ján Kmec, CSc.
doc. Ing. Ján Dobrovič, PhD.
Mgr. Andrej Hutta, MBA
PhDr. Ján Holonič, PhD, MBA, LL.M.

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